Lineage and Rhetorics

For 60 years they have ruled the face of this Great Land and achieved what even their predecessors could never do. They have divided and fragmented our society and systematically destroyed the very basic fabric of our civilization, all in the name of "progress" and "inclusive growth". They believe in strict regimentation, resort to rhetoric and have now started exercising greater control on the judiciary. If the executive is ineffective what can a judiciary do? We trust the judiciary but have no faith in the Executive.

And what is happening to "us" in the meantime? We are running from pillar to post, escaping persecution and trying to prevent the extinction of the Lineage - a Lineage that is thousands of years old, a pedigree unparalleled in its sophistication, enlightenment and aristocracy (although aristocracy is a concept alien to the rulers who resort to cheap rhetoric at the slightest provocation).

Our utter disdain for the multitude keep on increasing. With the loss of meritocracy, rise of separationist tendencies, increased fragmentation and continued persecution of our people, what do you think is the end result?

Flight. As they say, when the human mind sees great danger, it resorts to "Flight or Fight". We are too few to fight, as the rest have already flown and thus the only other option remaining is to escape. So who gains out of this? Who gains is difficult to say, but it would be a great loss our the Great Land.

Our lives are similar to those of our counterparts in Boston, Israel, Kashmir and Sindh - the world is our playground but we have no land to call our own. We have been made migrants. For us, it is no longer a question of equality, intelligence, refinement, culture, sophistication, enlightenment or luck, it is now a very basic question of survival, of existence, of escaping persecution, of avoiding deprivation and migration. Society has changed and we must move on. Literally.

We need a separate Land (like Israel) exclusively for us, a Land with very strict entry norms and criteria, a Land of meritocracy, equality, intelligence, refinement, sophistication and progress. The time has come to start making our travel plans.