Musings of a Tiny Man - 1

Musings of a Tiny Man - 1 - Irony

Isn't life ironic?

Here I am, sitting in my cubicle, opposite the printer, yet I don't have access to the printer - some kind of printer access rights issue ...

Sigh … so near and yet so far ….

So, how does one explain this peculiar situation? Probably one of the many quirks of life - those small ironies which life keeps throwing at us now and then …

Till a few days back - life was all about trying to dominate time - each and every minute vital - each and every second of paramount significance - yet here I am now - wishing time to pass - but it just stands still.

Finally, I am beginning to understand what the Great Men had meant when they had said "Time is of the essence".

And now its all about crawling - grovelling in the lowly dust - that chap Derozio certainly knew what he was talking about ….

I am the chained eagle ….

flap ..flap ..flap ..flap ..flap …


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  1. So clever, Subhodeep. The misuse of the these words are one of my pet peeves! The reference material is very interesting. Thanks for that!

  2. Nice nice....the picture reminds me what an irony it is to have an electric iron but no electricity.


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