Once upon a time in India

Once upon a time in India, there were the Kings and their empires.

The Kings ruled and the people followed - it didnt matter if the people liked their rulers or not. They were happy within the confines of their kingdoms.

Then again there were the rich and the poor.

Then again there were the educated and the illiterate.

These groups were not mutually exclusive - there was a lot of overlap between the rich, the educated, the poor, and the illiterate.

And then there were the Enlightened beings beyond all these divisions.

And mind you, a system was in place - whether people were happpy or not wasn't important - a system rather than anarchy was more important than how the rest of the world saw us.

And then came the British and introduced a third group - the middle class - a class that was generally educated but not necessarily rich; a class with a rigid code of ethics and morality; a confined class.

In spite of all this there were primarily two classes - the rulers and the ones they ruled and there was a System - however flawed it was.

And then the British left - and the impressionable leaders of then thought that Democracy was what India required. On pen and paper, India is the largest democracy in the world.

A country like India - steeped as she is in the shadows of Monarchy - does not need a democracy - she needs kingdoms and rulers. A single unified rule is not possible in a country like India. Democracy in India is an utter failure. We have "democracy" but we now no longer have any System.

We might be a Democratic Republic but the classes that existed then still exist today.

Indian democracy is like Indian English - flawed.