The Fool that is Mendacity

"There is nothing to live for in life but mendacity", Big Daddy had proclaimed in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof". Very succinctly put, I am bound to say.

There are those who think that all is Real and there are those who think that None is real. But the biggest fools are those who think that Mendacity is the greatest truth!

The gross stupidity of it all! Have they ever thought of the very insignificance of it all and how these thoughts pale into insignificance when you consider the amount of information (or wisdom) that is there all around in the different planes?

The Seers were great - they had seen and captured many of these pearls of wisdom and presented them in a form understandable by humans. Yes, we humans, bound as we are in the constraints of the 5 senses can at least begin to comprehend the vastness, grandeur and infinity of those thought-matters.

Yet, we wallow in self-pity, in anger, in misery, in greed - the Great gift of Nature, our mind, is forced to lurk in the dark and narrow recesses of these base emotions - was this how things were meant to be?

But should we give in to Mendacity so easily? Fool she is id she thinks that all Greatness can be overcome in her nasty demeanor.

Light must rule at any cost.

There is no other way.