Mumbaiya Hindi

A language cannot be rigid - it must have the flexibility to allow individuals to wallow in its freedom. Mumbaiya Hindi is one such cool language.

The best part about its is the ability to refer to one-self in the 3rd person unlike normal Hindi or other languages of Sanskrit descent.

"Tu tension mat ley .. mein kar dega" .. Ahhh .. so sublime .. "Do not get tensed, I will take care of it"

The focus is on "mein kar dega". Normal Hindi would decree " Main kar dunga" (1st person) and "Woh kar dega" (3rd person).

But Mumbai-ya HIndi allows us the supreme flexibilty of cross-person verb usage.

I fell in love with that language when I landed in Mumbai for the first time and in the two years that I spent there I fell in love with the nuances and subtelties of its myriad forms.

I love referring to myself in the third person.