Musings of a Tiny Man - 5

Snob. Arrogant. Racist. Elitist. Thats what many call me.


Surprising, isn't it? It is to some extent true that I interact with folks only after validating their pedigree - but then that should not be surprising. I am after all a Tiny Man. I dare not even look into the eyes of my masters or my superiors in the Hierarchy.

I belong to the lowliest of lowliest division in the new Indian system comprising (rankwise from highest to lowest) of SC/ST, OBC, Handicapped and General.

A poor Brahmin sod like me is delegated to the lowest ranks in this new order of inclusive growth. So how can I even dare to be all those things which people accuse me of?

Me a racist? Nah .. I am just a poor chap .. a mild manner humbug who minds his own business, thinking precisely what he wishes and doing exactly what the Government decides …..

A Tiny Being of no consequence, but not a lowlife, mind you …


  1. Impressive view of the new pecking order in the Indian society. The society has indeed undergone a transformation in the sense that there are new 'have nots'. Of course that does not change anything, since redistribution of wealth, prestige, or for that matter anything is just that; a redistribution. The sum total remains the same.


  2. Very well said Sandeep ! The amount of wealth remains constant .. only the form changes :)


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