Wanderer - 1

For quite a long time, I had walked alone,
Then I finally sat down, to give my tired legs some rest.
Wanderer that I was, I had no address no home,
Nothing of my own I could call my nest.

And in front of me sat this young woman,
who was like Manna to my parched soul.
Ahh ..the eyes, the face, her demeanor …
Incomplete that I was, I felt whole.

So I asked her, what her story was,
Thinking and hoping that like me,
she was a wanderer too, and with me,
we could begin a journey of our own.

She was not Alone, she had a home,
And once in a while, she would come here,
to escape from there; the more I saw her,
the more I wanted to be near.

Everyday I would come here now,
and wait for her,
And she came most days and we talked,
and I knew her better.

And then came the day, when I had to go,
This beautiful thing we had would come to an end.
I thought when I told her she would be sad,
But I was sad when I saw no flicker on her beautiful face.

But then again, in this short time, I had felt whole,
And this was what I had wished for, a wanderer should not expect more.

And the day I left she gave me her most beautiful smile.