The Modern Age Brahmin - 2 - Realizing Higher Dimensional Constructs

There is a sentence or rather a thought construct in Chandyogya Upanishad which I find rather interesting.

It says that by knowing one lump of clay it is possible to know all things made of clay - only the form and kind will be different. In the same way, there is one knowledge - referred to as The Knowledge - knowing which it is possible to know All. At a glance it seems a masterpiece of deductive reasoning. However I find it rather difficult to comprehend.

The Vedantic philosophy has an answer for my lack of understanding also. They say that comprehension of It without realization of It is something that will not be possible given the constraints of our 5 senses and 3 dimensions, or to be more precise, in the context of what is known as Maya (an oft misinterpreted term) understanding of It or All is unthinkable. If we read the older Vedic texts or even Swami Vivekanand's Jnana Yoga, we see that Maya is defined as our perception of the Universe given the 8 parameters mentioned above - a kind of 8 dimensional vector. So even if I try to understand the concepts of All and That, as long as I am within the confines of these 8 parameters I will not be able to understand anything.

So then where are we? Precisely where we started.

What exactly did the old buggers in the Vedantic texts mean by All?

As a kid I used to be fascinated by the gigantic nature of our universe and used to question everbody about the content and the container. Where is our world conatined? Where does our galaxy reside? The more I explored the more boundless our existence seemed to be. And the fact that the universe has seemingly no bounds drove me crazy.

Again the concept of Time drove me crazy - Does time have a beginning? Does it have an end? Is time like a cycle - that would explain why there is no beginning or end, but that would also introduce the fact that I could theoriticaly come back to the past. If that indeed happened, what did that mean?

Now I realize that my questions were indeed rather vague and to some extent pointless.

I started getting some clarity on this concept of the Infinite once I started reading the works of Einstein, Hawkings and the other Great Men and in general about universe, space, time, relativity, quantum science and so on and so forth.

Scientific clarity is absolutely essential to vizualize these old Vedantic constructs. I am pretty sure the Old Men in Advaita had the same concept as Einstein and Hawkings, but their presentation was contemporary to their times and the imageries would seem rather archaic now.

Universe/Brahman or Big-Bang/Aksha-Prana - they all are equally abstract given the 8 dimensional vector that I was alluding to earlier. Einstein resorted to higher-dimensional thinking (the 4 dimensional space-time construct) to rationalize and put to perspective various ideas of the universe. We started to see gravity in a different light. This leap of faith is what is essential.

What Einstein did with the introduction of 4-dimesnional spacetime is the same as what the Old ones had meant by transcending the senses and boundaries. If the introduction of one extra dimension changes our perecption by such a great degree, think of what more dimensions would do. The Wise Old Ones were probably at least 4-5 dimensions ahead of us, and way ahead of their times then and even now.

A leap of faith is all that it takes to convert from a non-believer to a believer in the identity of One and All. Realization might come late or never come, but the acceptance is a big step towards mental evolution and refinement. Even if it is vaguley possible to visualize the spacetime paradigm or the wave particle-duality of light, we are one step nearer to the Advaita Vedantic notions of an all pervading Brahman. I am not trying to reconcile Relativity or Quantam Mechanics with Adavitia-ism - I am rather stating that for the student interested in understanding That or It, a study of these sciences is an absolute pre-requisite to even begin to understand the higher dimensional Brahman or Atman.

So, the question I had earlier asked about the Vedantic notions of All, still remains unanswered. It is something, I feel, to be realized in various stages of progression. I am glad that I have at least managed to cross one extra dimension.

Now for the other dimensions.

Ahh! And also for some chicken and chips!