The Clan


They are the children of the clan.
Ruled, have they, this land for many years.
While they have saluted the red, the others have ran,
and have roamed and have been far and near.

The Clan is the king, being omnipresent,
Intertwined with every thread of our lives.
Spectacular has been their ascent,
Like the King with thousand wives.

They have killed them all, the skies and trees,
and destroyed the last vestige of greenery.
They have sullied the ponds and bloodied the leaves,
And polluted the once pristine scenery.

Humanity is a strict no-no, morality is not their cup of tea.
Human mind is just a yo-yo, to play with at leisure.
Their whims dictate the wind, the fields and the sea,
The others can only bow to their masters pleasure.

Fiendish are the Fathers while foolish, obtuse and adamant,
Are the children of the skythe wielding Clan,
Twenty and ten years on they are still rampant,
Having destroyed both the race and the man.