She - 5 : From Mist to Burial

28/5/9 (SP)

For quite some time, you were a misty form,
Residing in the deeper recesses of my mind.
And, today you have crystallized out of the Hidden,
and are residing in the forefront of my thoughts.

Time and again, have I tried not to recall,
the Real you and what we could have been.
Like a spring, the emotions have come gushing out,
giving you a concrete form that you always were.

Ages later, I think again of the softness that you are,
I feel once again the gentleness that you are.
Along with the blissful delights of passions aftermath,
Today you reign supreme on the surface.

The softness in blue was how I had seen you,
at first and in the last moment, and how I tried to forget.
Long time has it been since I buried all emotions I had for you.
Although admittedly the dead becomes alive once in a while.

May you be gentle and soft and blue,
The players have changed and so will you.
Allow me to dig deeper and deeper in my Self,
to bury the softness in me that's You.