Saturday May 9, 2009 (SC)

I started runing because of You,
I am what I am because of You.
All my realizations are because of You,
And for what you did, I thank You.

There was a time when I used to sit, and wait,
and watch as events in the world unfolded.
And one day you called me and became the world.
And for that I drink to You.

A desire so dark, that the nights seemed the day;
An obsession so great, that the desert sun seemed weak;
A feeling so intense that it scared the hawks;
A passion so fatal that my thoughts werent mine anymore;
Because of You, I have learnt to love, to hate, to lust, to cry, to hurt.
And for all that I thank You.

As days passed and merged into one,
As we became two of one,
I got sucked into the black hole that You are.
I had learnt, in a few days,
that which people do not, even in a hundred lifetimes,
and for that I salute You.

The train moves on but the platform stays,
Even my hair has now some shades of gray,
What made You go, you would never say,
And left it to me to discover.
You made for me, a month a year,
compressed all emotions into a moment and point.
And for that I bow to You.

Gravity is a game you play in your spare time,
Emotions are your creations, your art, your rhyme.
I was the board where You permanently marked your presence,
Or rather, I was one of the Many boards you affected.
And now I have no emotions for You.

So I ran and ran and since then havent stopped,
the oceans have risen, the skies have dropped.
Ominous dark clouds or storm or gale,
On have I run without stopping or fail.

Darling, a Toast to You !