She - 1 : Downcast Eyes

15-April-2009 (SP)

That day the sun shone differently,
the clouds drew different paterns in the sky,
the wind was whispering something secret to the Earth.
The day I first saw Her,
She, the one with downcast eyes.

Blue was her color, she came and stood by me.
All senses ceased to exist, frozen were the motion of the skies.
She was all me; all my senses and then whisked passed me,
And I knew I was lost when I looked at those downcast eyes.

She, the one with the downcast eyes and beautiful voice,
She, the one, when who talked even stood still Noise,
She whose face I longed to touch and she who I wanted all or none,
She in a blue dress and the power to control all my senses as one,
She when she finaly looked at me as she went, looked right through me and was gone,
I knew then that She was the one and would be mine or none.

She, the one with downcast eyes.