She - 2 : Gone

16-April-2009 (SP)

She is no longer mine.

On a rainy day, in watery roads,
soaking wet we laughed and met.
I held her hands and kissed her,
for the first time.
O! Sweet sublime!

A world within world 'twas,
A single being we were all night and day.
Uncaring, free, unrepentant,
we gave each other our emotions.
O! Passions potion!

Lazy summer days, silent nights, we spent together,
Two voices as one, hour after hour,
promises and hopes and joys and sorrows;
Pentup passion bursting forth and paving the way for the ocean of repose.
I sang for her the songs of life.
But too deep is now the gash of her parting knife.
Wearniness is rife!

No longer is she mine, if ever she was,
My memories and me have forever paused.