She - 3 : Synopsis


Where once the road was one for us,
today she and I walk different roads.
She taught me to feel as she held my hands,
and colored my time with her beautiful laugh.
No one but me could look at her,
and it was to me she told all her tales.

Time would fly as we would sit and talk,
the sun grew dim in her glorious smile.
We went on mile after mile,
as she and I shared our walk.

A perfect fit her hand was in mine,
the moon shone, the wind sang , the world was fine,
as the horse carriage trod along the secluded roads,
and it was only she and me,
as we journeyed the path of tenderness.

Soft kisses as I held her, the road was one,
and our time was our own, for us to spend;
moments of escape were our heaven,
and more wonders had we than the worlds Seven.

And now she is far away,
and the buried memories linger
in the corners of the mind,
like soft silvery clouds,
that often the winds blow away.