She - 4 : The Verdict

13-May-2009 (SP)
The Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Cloud
Are reading out the verdict Aloud.
And I sit and wait in my easy chair,
apparently without any thought or care.

But ..

But the day you had first come in your blue dress,
and not looked at me; I remember that day,
my thoughts were fuzzy andd my mind a mess,
and I couldnt articulate what I had wanted to say.
And then I looked into your eyes and all was lost.

Now ..the Verdict

We find the Defendant guilty,
guilty of losing his heart to Her with downcast eyes,
Guilty of losing his heart to Her beautiful eyes,
Do you Defendant have any replies?

But ...

But the day I saw you in the white dress and talked,
And you came to know me the way I knew you,
You knew how I had lost myself over and over again,
to see you for the first time again and again.
And then our stories merged and all was lost.

The Reply ..

I have squandared my chances, if chances they were,
I had taken more than I had ever given her,
Guilty I am, as guilty as one can be,
there is no end but the end it is as far as I can see.

Epilogue .. The Aftermath

Now the rites have been read, the circles completed,
I am where I was when I had started.
Life must go on and so do I,
And maybe one day we would see eye to eye.