You - 1 : You

15-March-2009 (SS)

For a long time have I waited for You.
Seemingly endless days, millions of years,
Years of treading the path of this Great World,
When You suddenly appeared out of this void.

I have delighted in the peaks of the first meeting,
I have wallowed in the ebbs of the breakup,
And all this just to be with You.
And now when I have to go in search of a new beginning,
I see you sit by me and talk to me.

I have scaled the highs of Titlis and the lows of Hoodroo
I find solace in extremes,
In the comic of My Fair Lady and the pathos of Fools Die,
I have lived seven lives and waited for You.

I have lost myself so many times to meet You anew every time,
And now with You I have Nothing.
I must walk the walk of thousand years.
There is no End with You.