You - 2 : I think of you

3-April-2009 (SS)
When the crow cries out in the middle of the night, thinking its day, I think of you,
When the Hot wind scalds my skin and burns my face, I think of you.
When the bus ride never seems to stop trudging on its way to dusty despair, I think of you,
And then again when I think of you, I think, why do I think of you?

You call me Names;
Because of you, they all call me Names;
Never having understood me or what I stand for.
The lives of thousand ants as they merge into one,
is one of the few things which follow the patterns of my mind.
Yet this Mind is lost both with and without you.

So near yet so far, this Distance is real,
Nvere having understood myself and never have myself I wanted;
Yet, I want you.
Not for ever of for keeps, as of now,
exactly how, I myself know not,
but I cannot stop myself from wanting you.

Expectantly I wait, hoping, but nothing happens,
Yet I persist and wallow in fanciful delusions,
Anything can happen with you,
yet all my hopes are wasted on you.