You - 3 : Cold


You call me cold.

What happened in between then and now?
So close were we till the day She came - She the one of Negative spheres.
Near were we, You and I, but some invisible force now dwells between us.

You pass by and move on before I can even turn my face,
And then you blame me for being cold.
Cold I may have been once, a monster I may have been once,
For you I have changed the dusk to dawn,
For you I have frozen the fire and melted the molten moss,
For you the silver ring was now akin to gold.

And yet you call me cold.

How the strong has whithered, the black sprinkled with greys,
Autumn in Spring, and the steps no longer have them,
Those leaps have gone and so have the souls' sounds;
Of these narrow corridors I have made so many rounds,
After all emotions have merged into one whole,

You still call me cold.

If I am cold, then so are you,And so is the Queen of Spades.
When parallel lines converge, we will know each other.

Till then I'll be cold.