You - 5 : Misunderstood

22-04-2009 (SS)

Of all the people in this Great World and its roads, why did it have to be be you who finally misunderstood me? For the other beings in this macrocosm I remain inexplicable - a subject best left untouched, a dark being, self-contained and enclosed in this human shell. Yet it had to be you who misunderstood me ....

I had kept all my black for you,
I had wanted you to burn this Self on your altar and make dust out of me.
The ash would have been yours.
You could have exulted in righteous victory.

All these shades of grey are wasted.
I had wanted to paint you over and over,
with the grayscale hues that make up my soul.
I could have brought forth all the shades of grey on Earth,
You could have been the painting from the sinews of my mind.
You should have been my purgation, my catharsis.

I had wanted you to be my white, my right;
I had wished to exist forever in the bright,
that you are.
The snowy layers and the Alpine splendour,
fade in the supreme whiteness of your demeanour,
and the bright grandeur of your self.

And now all the colors remain unused, untouched and wasted. The shades of grey shal remain what they are. The limitless communication that could have existed between us through the colors of the world are now gone forever ....