The Beyond - 02: Qualities

In seclusion have I thrived, and sought your way.
while Many have arrived, and gone away.

My day shall come, of that I am certain
as I uncover some more, lose a few, then.

You are the purity in the pure, and the grace of the swan,
You are the certainity of the sure, and the novelty of the dawn.

You are the wail of the sad, and the lunacy of the mad,
You are the wickedness of the bad, and the bit of tad.

You are the vision of the seer, and the strength of the strong,
You are the grace of the deer, and the error of the wrong.

You are the hardness of the stone, and the depth of the deep,
You are the seclusion of the lone, and the momentum of the leap.

I have watched, and have waited, and have stood close to the door.
I have drunk and been fed, and have wanted, and wanted more.

You are the horizon, I am the periphery,
You are the light, I am the glow,
You are the victor, I am the victory,
together we complement the flow.


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