Journey - 1

Hundreds of question have I asked,
Thousand of miles has been the journey.
In the glory of motion have I basked,
Yet, I am what I was, bound, not free.

In the Land of Thousand Suns,
where the gold and silver shades merge into one,
where the smoldering flames consume one and all,
where the skies are bright, and brilliant and white,
I have trudged the sandy path, and survived and stood tall.

In the land of the Blue,
where the thousand hues, exist as distinct shades,
where lashing waves make frothy delights,
where motion reigns amidst watery heights,
I have floated on liquid madness and swallowed all sights.

In the Land Unseen,
where the canopy bars the Sun God in his path,
where the leafy foliage and winding vines,
swallow every nook, every corner, every line,
I have seen the hidden and gorged on the green.

The roars of the Sun, the cries of the Blue,
the laments of the Green, the unheard and the spoken,
All voices and emotions are now my own,
Yet, I ask myself, " Have I woken?"


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