The Beyond - 01 : White

I have lived, I have loved.
I have learnt, I have burnt,
myself, in your fire.
I have lit, in myself,
the flame, the fire.
I have seen, I have been,
the wind, the desire.

Your white is my light.
Your glow is my right.
Your depth, my poem,
As for me, so for them.

Pure are you,
as ocean of Truth.
My knowledge are you,
and so also my Truth.

My thoughts, my mind,
my ego and me,
my intellect, my veins,
my story, poetry,
my inspiration and God,
have you always been.
My experiments with Knowledge,
have you always seen.

Lady in white,
forever be your light,
forever be your glory.
Your grace are my poems.
Your blessings are my story.


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