My Humble Prayer

Knowledge is all I ask for,
and knowledge is all I seek.
Let me not stray from the path of Knowledge,
Let me be subdued in its quest.

The birds shall fly, the sky shall remain blue,
and let me in my quest remain immersed and true.
Let my eyes see, all that knowledge has to offer,
Let not life detract me from the journey I have chosen.

I ask for knowledge and knowledge only.
In times adverse when even black seems gray,
Let me never waver and on my path stay,
In times of light and merriment and fun,
Let me focus on you, on you, the True Sun.

My humble prayer to you,
Guide me and show me light.
Take me, accept me, allow me to lie on your feet,
Let me never waver and wallow in ignorance.


  1. Such an inspiring poem. Tommorow when you start a business school, you can come and sing it to your students, like our uncle here :)


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