Dream Interrupted - The Zoom out effect

Was it a vision or a dream? Or maybe I should call it an experience. In the midst of a semi-sleep state, I seemed to catch a glimpse of the Infinite. How else can I explain the supreme clarity of the moment?

I was having a nice dream, the usual senseless stuff. Suddenly for an instant I saw something that was not normal dream and after that it was once again back to senselessness. Here is how the sequence goes.

" ... A convict had escaped from prison. The police inspector who was sitting face to face with his sub-inspector in the police station heard about this and stood up agitated, raised his left hand and shouted something to this effect, "Everybody go after him".

Till this part it was normal dream stuff.

Suddenly my perspective of vision changed. My frame of reference changed in steps as I started to zoom out and I suddenly realized the unending nature of this zooming out action. An insignifacnt yet related thought swept through my mind as to the large number of people who would pursue the escaped convict.

Initially I saw only the cubicle where these two characters were sitting.

Then I saw the cubicle as a part of a room with many cubicle where many other people were also sitting.

The room became a part of a hall as I zoomed out further.

The hall became a part of a larger hall.

And on and on it went.

And all this happened in an instant and then everything was back to normal .... "

It seemed that for second I was both the observer and the observed. Infinity was almost in my grasp and the supreme comprehension made me one with the Infinite.

But then my dream veered off to other inane stuff and the clarity, lucidity and depth of understanding of that moment was gone.

And now only vague impressions persist which I have tried to pen down.