Infinite Grace

"Sharthoko jonomo amar .. janmechi ei deshey ..." (My existence has been worthwhile to have been born in this land ...)

The calm. The quiet. The peace. The tranquility. The amazement. The heaviness of the heart. The happiness. The intensity of the emotions and feelings.

God, I do not want to grow old or die ...... If only this moment could exist for ever and ever. If only this feeling lasted forever.

The green fields, the patterns and shades of green on the grass as the wind blows over them, the bird sitting on the lamp-post, the dog running across the dusty road far ahead, the lizard as it crosses the sandy path - let this frame reside in my memories forever. For what is a man if not the sum total of all his emotions and memories?

The heaviness of the heart, the weight of emotions, the cocoon of delight in which I am nicely encased - I cannot help but remember Kobi Gurus "akash bhora ...". The Grace of God is Infinite in that I have found a place amidst the Magic of Nature. It fills me with awe, with wonder, with amazement, with trepidation, with repose, with serenity, with happiness and with delight.

Mother Earth, I thank you for giving me a place in your lap.