Who am I ? - 003


I loved Tumbler, always wanted to be like him, tumbling my way through life and it's various roadblocks. In fact I had always wanted to practice tumbling on the Golden Gate Bridge, engage in gravity defying acrobatics. Gravity sucks !!

I wish I could break free of all the forces that pull me back - attain escape velocity and travel in the stratosphere. Wouldn't it be great if I could travel around the world whenever I wanted?

Barriers, barriers everywhere. Be it gravity, or demarcations on the land which they call country borders, differences in looks and languages which they call ethnicity - seems as if Nature does not want us to break free from the barriers and forces us to lead the proverbial "frog in the well" life.

We live on the Surface, on the Outside - literally as well as figuratively - without knowing or caring what lies within. Sigh ! If only I could peep into and become one with all the emptiness inside. Wouldn't it be great if I could become a part of the great Void of the Cosmos?

Mundane. Mediocre. Average. Appearance. Tumbling is not for me or for the multitude who thrive in commonality.

I look at the vast expanse of the blue sky and lush green fields and tell myself "Something's gotta give". Until then I'll continue imagining myself as Tumbler.