Who am I ? - 004

Does it really mater who I am?

Is it really necessary to know myself? I have observed that Nature sometimes manipulates events in such a way that an individual is unwittingly coerced into appreciating himself. Things seem to happen in an apparently unrelated sequence but suddenly, at a particular logical point in this sequence, a strange pattern seems to emerge - a pattern which redefines one's knowledge of the Self.

One of the biggest hurdles in knowing oneself is one's own thoughts. If only I could somehow disaggregate myself and my thoughts ... wishful thinking isn't it?

Maybe not ... it is said that the old Vedic seers could think from outside their body and hence their thoughts were not clouded by internal constraints like emotions, senses, feelings, physiology and so on.

Where is my deer skin and incense stick? I need to engage myself the Bhagawad Gita way !

But will that really help me in self-discovery? Hmmmmm. Contemplate. Contemplate.

Back again to square one .....