Who am I ? - 006

Circles circles every where. Be it my thoughts, or the seasons, or the movement of planets around the sun or the fiscal year as it comes to an end.

Apparently, even a line is not straight. They say that it can be thought of as a part of an infinitely large circle. And let's not get into discussing the infinite. It will mess up everything ! Yet our rules, our laws, our ethics, our moral codes - they are based on the premise of linearity, whereas we all know that linearity is a lossy projection of non-linearity !

As long as a line remains a line, I think I know who I am or at least I have some idea of what my role is. Thats how my mind has been conditioned. But ... sigh ... so near yet so far ...

Ebb and flow, to and fro, stop and go, round and round, in and out - millions and millions of thoughts come and go - but I remain where I was. I start thinking, my thoughts start flowing and suddenly after some time I realize I am back to where I started. And then the cycle repeats ..on and on and on ... it becomes difficult to understand who I am under these cyclical manifestations ....

I must somehow break free of the circle .. deja vu is so boring ...


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