Why can't love last forever?

As my stay at Great Lakes comes to an end, I feel strange and empty. I suddenly realize that I will miss my room, the balcony in front of my room and the inumerable conversations there, the view from my window, the people, my friends and colleagues, the blue sky, akkas shop outside the campus, the green fields, the hot sun, the humid weather and last but not the least the dogs. Good or bad, I actually love it all. Why cant love last forever?

Who will feed the dogs once I go? The three dogs - the Mother, the white pup and the Male dog with a broken ear. Who will follow me when I go for walks? Who will wag it's tail or stand on two legs when I give it biscuits? Who will catch biscuits in it's mouth when I throw the biscuits? I love those dogs and I feel heavy in my heart as I leave them tomorrow. God, please take care of them.

The actors change but the play goes on. People will come and go and new stories will be written re-written and I have to move on. I do not understand life, but I know that life will go on.