Old Wine - Part 2

They often ask me if I believe in God.

Honestly? I have no idea. That's primarily because I don't know how each person defines God - the definition of God varies from person to person, region to region, culture to culture and even over time. So the question needs to be more specific. I cannot say for sure if I believe in what they believe in - but I know what I believe.

I am an Advaitist, and I don't really find rituals and ceremonies very uplifting. So I try to feel, to experience, to understand God whenever I can. It is not a mere academic exercise - its a feeling that should come from within - a sense of oneness with the Universe.

God should be experienced, but at the same time we should understand that God is beyond experience. God should be realized in small gradual steps, but again for all we know, God may be beyond realization. As the great people have said, God is the perfection we all strive to achieve.

God is the goal, the means, the path; God is everything and everything is in God - all that we see, all that we cannot see, the micro and the macro, the gross and the subtle, the stationery and the moving, the known and the unknown - all these aspects of existence contribute to the make-up of God.

I have often felt an invisible guiding hand setting up the path of my life - and I am sure many of you might have felt the same - this invisible hand is God.

Everything happens for a reason, however random the events may appear to - this reason is God - this force is God, this Energy is God. All objects in our Universe is God, all the forces in our Universe is God, all actions and reactions, all linkages - everything is God. The wave-matter duality of light is God; the silver lining in the cloud, the light at the end of the tunnel, the oasis in the middle of the desert, life in the frigid icy planes of the Antartica - all this is God.

And God is more - I do not pretend to know God, but I know how difficult it is to comprehend God. So coming back to the question, do I believe in God?

Oh, yes I do.

I believe in God as Perfection and imperfection; God as Beauty and ugly; God as Innocence; God as the Good and Bad; God as Intelligence; God as Unity, God as Duality; I believe in God as the Essence; I believe in God as the Container and the content.

I believe.