The path less traveled

Banta: "Look! look! A dead bird! "
Santa looked up towards the sky. And people would laugh at the hilarity of it all. 

Poor sods (the people who laugh). Little do they know how much things have changed. That (the looking-up-towards-the-sky incident) was then and this is now.

Here is how the story actually goes.

Main Story
Banta: "Look! look! A dead bird! "

Santa, always the opportunist, evaluates the dead bird lying on the road side. His brain starts sifting through tonnes of information to find out why this incident of a dead bird strikes such a familiar chord and all of a sudden he recalls an old Jataka tale.

He picks up the dead bird and resumes walking. Coming on the opposite side of the road , he sees a pony-tailed dhoti-clad Vadagalai Iyengar.

Iyengar: "What is that you carry in your arms, Praaji?"
Santa: "Brahmin, I carry a dead bird".
Iyengar: "Will you trade that dead bird with me?".
Santa: "And what will you give me in return Brahmin?"
Iyengar (proudly): "An opportunity to partake of a splendid feast with me. Scrumptous rasam-rice followed by curd-rice and butter-milk"

Horrified Santa shows his third finger and starts running. Banta has mysteriously disappeared and nowehere to be seen.

Then Santa meets a group of Bhojpuri speaking sleeved banyan clad travellers, who inform him that they are on a visit to the hinterlands. The group leader and Santa engage in a conversation.

Group Leader:"Why are you carrying a dead bird in your arms Praaji?"
Santa: "Bihari brother, I am an entrepreneur - nothing less can be expected of me."
Group Leader (spewing guthka): "Glad to make your acquaintance. You will be pleased to know that in the yonder valley there is a Gujarati trader who deals with dead birds. He has tie-ups with bio-technology laboratories all over the world."
Santa: "Thank you Bihari brother, for that splendid piece of information. I bid you adieu!"
Group Leader: "Adieu! "

And what happens after that is as as all of you know, history.

Santa meets the Gujarati trader, Naveen Shah and they strike a huge deal. With the proceeds of the deal Santa participates in a Comedy King show.

And now we move to the Grand Finale of the Comedy-King show - where Santa is one of the finalists and cracks one Bengaliji joke after another.

Santa: "They call me Bannerjee ...  When I was young I used to put up road-side banners. Inspired by people like Gandhijee and Netajee, I borrowed the Jee and added to the end of my profession - and That's how I became Bannerjee .."

Thunderous applause. Santa goes on to win Rs 5 crores as prize money.


  1. a nice piece... but it also seems to imply that entrepreneurship has an innate relation with lady luck, along with that of the use of the right information at the right time...this succinctly came out in the piece.. good use of the allegory... in fact, way to go!


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