The Infinite Coil and the Moving Train

Imagine you are on a train. An accelerating train.

And the track is very long, longer than earth's diameter - so it's a floating-track, somewhere in the vast realms of our Universe.

The train accelerates. You enjoy  the ride. Suddenly at one point you realize that the train is traveling very fast - you check the speedometer - it changes from 100 mph to 1000 mph to .... c/10 .. to c/5 and c/2 ... 'c' being the speed of light. You look out of the window and see Absolute Nothingness all around, as you whiz through it.

As the train reaches a speed of .99999999999c - that is, almost the speed of light, you hit upon an idea. If you start walking, inside the compartment, in the same direction in which the train is moving, at say 2 mph, while the train is traveling at the speed of light, the relative velocity would be 'c' + 2mph.

Yipppeee !!!! Faster than light !!! You would have broken the Universal Limit.

So you get up and start running in the direction of the travel, when the speed of the train is 'c' and check the speedometer - however to your utter dismay, you see that the speed of the train has reduced. The faster you run, the slower the train become - the relative velocity (trains speed + your speed) is however, always 'c'.

Exhausted after all that frenetic exercise, you look out of the window, and see Einstein watching your antics bemusedly.

Nature has a limit and that is the speed of light. And this has been proved by so many scientific experiments.

But it's rather hard to imagine a Limited Universe, isn't it?

Isn't our universe supposed to have unlimited zoom on either directions - macro as well as micro? Isn't there always something bigger than the biggest and smaller than the smallest?

Confused? Well you don't have to be. You just need to step back a little bit and see things from a different perspective or frame. By a different frame, I mean a (3, 6) or (4, 5) instead of (3,5), where (x,y) = (dimensions, senses).

In fact, I am pretty sure that if you had 7 senses and the faculty for perceiving 10 dimensions, you would have seen a much "larger" universe than with 5 senses in 3 dimensions. But here again, we have a problem. The higher the dimensions get, the tighter they remain coiled inside the just lower dimension - and the unfurling of the progressively higher dimensions becomes more and more difficult.

Because even Nature is bounded by an upper limit on its dimensional aspect as well as sense projections. And the higher you move in this (x,y) plane, the slower your progress becomes and it takes you progressively longer durations to go to the next level. Even if you were to progress to the Universe's dimension-sense level (d-max, s-max), you wouldn't be able to cross it, simple because Nature would stop you from going beyond in the same way it stopped your supra-light space travel.

Does it mean you have understood All? Hardly.

Because if you were to step back further, you would realize there is much more to Universal Limits, than merely c, d-max and s-max.

The Infinite Coil shall give you no peace.