Mighty Kite

Reckoning was at hand,
but of the Warrior Great there was no sign!
Standing was he on the mountain top,
and looking at the clouds and the pigeons below.

A flash of lightning,
and the burst of thunder from the skies above;
droplets of rain, and sleet and ice, on the rocky ledge.
Great Warrior, he had no hate nor love,
no angst, nor passion, nor desire nor pledge,
as he waited for the Mighty Kite to descend.

With a flourish befitting the King of the Kings,
The Mighty Kite swooped down from Heavens High.
And glided with grace and majesty in the grey sky,
and came down to the Land of the Mortals.

Warrior of Great, for Mortals he may'v been,
But never such sight even he had seen,
Of the Majestic Kite on its flight down to land.
And bowed he and folded his hand.