The Tiny Man and the Myriad Worlds

On one side we have the majestic grandeur of our infinite universe. On the other side is the inherent cyclical nature of all manifestations.

The juncture at which the concrete cyclical manifestation becomes an abstract unbounded non-linearity - a non-linearity that is vaguely familiar at a macro level and part of our everyday lives, but at the same time unfamiliar and daunting for the sense faculties to comprehend in its entirety - this juncture is the tipping point, the twilight zone, the border between earth and heaven. For centuries, we have tried to find this tipping zone, yet the search goes on. Every solution poses a further thousand questions.

We humans have achieved so much, yet we cannot reconcile the vastness of general relativity with the tinyness of the quantum realm. Infinite number of fractional dimensions and their unique existential systems, exist in between our known worlds - the one, two and three dimensional worlds; yet we do not have the requisite tools to perceive these unique worlds.

In such realms of supreme inexplicability, what can inconsequential finite entities like us possibly hope to achieve?

Will not the Experiencer of limited beauty be overwhelmed by the potentially infinite beauty, grandeur and majesty of these myriad worlds?