West Bengal Demographics - A Study

West Bengal Demographics
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The demography of West Bengal is changing fast as it moves towards rapid Islamization, that too, of the fundamentalist jihadi kind. By 2050, Bengali Hindus would become extinct in Bangladesh  and a minority in West Bengal, similar to Kashmiri Hindu and Kashmiri Pandit families.

Purpose of this Study on West Bengal Demographics

West Bengal demographics in terms of religious affiliation, has changed significantly over the last few decades. 

Muslims have grown faster than Hindus and hence the overall decade on decade population growth in West Bengal does not reflect the differences in the growth rate of Muslims, Hindus and other communities, which have maintained different trajectories. 

The changing demographics due to rapid Islamization is affecting the way of life of Bengali Hindus to a great degree, and is also resulting in massive outflows of Bengali Hindus from West Bengal to other states in India or to other non-Islamic nations. 

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The purpose of this study is to estimate the religious demographics of West Bengal in the coming decades, and the possible impact it would have on Bengali Hindus.

Methodology and Results

As per 2001 West Bengal census data, among the total population of West Bengal, Hindus constitute 72.47%, Muslims 25.25% and others 2.28%. The growth rates, however, in the different religious communities have been different.

In the period 1951 to 2001, Hindus in West Bengal have grown at a compounded average decadal growth rate of 20%, Muslims at 26.56% and other communities at 27.7%. However, the decade on decade growth rate, has exhibited a downward trend for Hindus, whereas for Muslims it has stayed at the same level or increased marginally, and for other communities has gone up significantly.

The table below illustrates the historical religious demographic details of West Bengal from 1951 to2001. 2011 data is partially estimated in terms of Muslim population percentage, (marked in yellow) which is assumed to be 30% of the actual West Bengal population of 91 million.

West Bengal Demographics - Table 1 - 1951 to 2011

The religion-wise decadal CAGR and expected growth rates are given below. A conservative estimate of the growth rates are calculated using a simple linear extrapolation, although the trajectory suggests a likely polynomial growth function.
Using the above estimated growth rates and assuming that the rates stay the same decade on decade, we obtain the following results.
West Bengal Demographics - Table 3 - Estimated Mulsim Population

The above results indicate a gradual decline in the Hindu population in West Bengal from 72.47% in 2001 to 44.18% in the period 2001 to 2051. During the same period the Muslim population grows from 25.25% to 52.42%.By 2051, Hindus in West Bengal shall become a minority at 44.18%.

India is a secular nation and has no state religion. 

Under normal circumstances, the growth of any religious community (including Islam) in West Bengal, would have been welcome, as, for any state to succeed economically, diversity of skilled population is essential. 

However, the current Islamization of West Bengal is being undertaken by radical jihadi groups, mainly from Bangladesh, whose sole motto is to establish radical Islam in India at the cost of native Hindu Bengalis by destroying Hinduism. I have given a list of such vandalism/ riots by Jihadi Muslims at the end.

West Bengal Demographics - Hindu Idol Destroyed by Islamic Jihadi Fundamentalists
Hindu Idol Destroyed by Radical Bengali Jihadi Islamic Fundamentalists

West Bengal Demographics - Hindu Temple Vandalized by Bengali Islamic Jihadi
Hindu Temple Vandalized by Bengali Islamic Jihadi

If things were to follow this course, West Bengali Hindus would soon become a migrant community similar to Kashmiri Hindus. 

The result of this analysis should be very important to policy makers as they can base future policies with this demographic analysis in mind, and assess the definition of a minority community.

Data Source
West Bengal census data (1951 to 2011)

West Bengal Historical Demographics
Muslim population in 1950 - 19%
Muslim population in 2000 - 25%
Muslim population in 2010 - 30% (estimated)

With  this trajectory, W.B would have more than 50% Muslims by 2050 (about 52%), as a conservative estimate.

Bangladesh Demographics
Muslim population in 1960 - 82%
Muslim population in 1975 - 87%
Muslim population in 2001 - 90%
Muslim population in 2011 - 95% (estimated)

With this trajectory, B.D. would become 100% Islamic by 2050, as a conservative estimate.

By the end of this century, West Bengal would have:
Hindus - 20%
Muslims - 80%

After 2050, Bengali Hindu's would be forced to migrate to different parts of India and the world. Once W.B. crosses the 50% Islamic mark, the Islamization of the remaining 50% would be rapid, as is evident in other Islamic states/ nations.

This is something that Indian Policy makers need to reflect on and take into account while creating future policy decisions, otherwise Bengal Hindu way of life, as we know it, would come to extinction.

A PDF version of West Bengal Demographics is available at Scribd. 

West Bengal and Bangaldesh Hindu Demographics - Increasing Intolerance of Islamic Jihadis

Below I present a small list of documented rise in intolerance by Muslim community in West Bengal spearheaded by radical Islamic Jihadis and fundamentalists.

For details of rising Islamic fundamentalism in West Bengal, I am preparing a detailed note.

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  1. Thinks are not going well in west Bengal.Ethnic cleansing of Hindus(bengali's) needs to be stop as soon as posible not only in west Bengal but also in Bangladesh.
    I think the reason behind all these is the negligency of the state government of west Bengal(mamata benergy) and the government of bangladesh (sheikh haseena).And also the Indian Government.
    Islamic radical groups or Islamic extremism needs to be control around the world.Otherwise Islamophobia will keep on increasing.


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