A Perspective on Civilization

A proper perspective is very important. Unfortunately we look at world history from a human-centric perspective, a perspective which is roughly 5000 years old (3000 years to be conservative) with the advent of human civilization in forms similar to today.

When compared to geological ages, 5000 years is nothing -  in fact anatomically modern humans had to work hard for 50,000 years or so before civilization as we know today emerged.

Yet history has consistently repeated itself in a similar fashion over centuries. The Homo Erectus came and went, the Neanderthals came and went and so did the Cro-Magnon.

What we see today, what we are today is just a tiny blip in the map of world history. Civilization is merely an illusion, a name we have given to an organic phenomenon which incidentally also happens to encourage the survival of the fittest.

Underneath we are all animals.