+ Kurus
   + Pandavas

Parikshit was succeeded by his eldest son Janamejaya.

Janamejaya is represented as a great conqueror in the Brahmanas (ex: Aitareya Brahmana) and may have even conquered Taxila in the north-west. This implies control over central Punjab (Madra), the birthplace of his mother Madravati.

His chief priest was Indrota Daivapi Shaunaka who performed one of his horse-sacrifices (as per Satapatha Brahmana). The other one was performed by Tura Kavasheya (as per Aitereya Brahmana). However at thiis point he had a dispute with the Kashyapas, under Vaisampanaya Kashyapa.

Janamajeya often held his court in Taxila and it is here that Vaisampanaya is supposed to have narrated the story of the Bharata War between Pandus and Kurus to  Janamajeya. This proto-Mahabharata was known as Jaya and considered Itihasa.

All these events were post Iron age, as discussed in the previous post.

Successors of Janamajeya:

+ Ashvamedha Datta
   + Adhisima Krishna (Vayu & Matsa Purana)
      + Nichakshu (in whose reign the city of Hastinapura is said to have been washed away by the Ganges)

Nichakshu shifted his capital from Hastinapura to Kosambi near Allahabad.