The Kuru Kingdom in 750 B.C.E

Kuru Kingdom in 750 BCE

What was the condition of the once great Kuru kingdom in Janaka's time (~750 B.C.E)?

Based on Puranic genealogy, we come to know that Nichakshu was the Kuru king of Hastinapura during the time of Janaka of Videha. This rests on two major assumptions:
a. that the Puranic genealogy is reliable
b. that the mid-point of Janaka's reign  is around ~750 B.C.E

The Kuru kingdom was already in decline owing to a number of factors - the changing course of the Ganges and the spread of various diseases .

The scholars and Brahmins of Kuru started focusing on the intent on sacrifices rather than the sacrificial yajnas themselves.

Philosophical speculation was on the rise. Videha was becoming an important seat of intense philosophical and intellectual debate.

A huge migration of Brahmins was taking place from Kuru kingdom (as well as Panchala) to Videha.

Kuru Brahmanas, like Ushasti Chakrayana, took an active part in the Upanishadic atman/ brahman debate in Videha.

The shift to the east was in progress full swing.

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