Pratipa Kaurava

The Kauravas gained prominence once again under Pratipa and his son Samtanu. Samtanu's grandson were Dhritarashtra and Pandu who sons were respectively the Kauravas and the Pandavas who fought the Great Bharata war.

The Pandavas were aided by the Matsyas, Chedis, Karushas, Kasis, South Panchalas, western Magadhas and the western Yadavas from Gujarat and Saurashtra.

The Kauravas were aided by all the Punjab nations and all the other kingdoms of northern India, and the north of the Deccan.

In our previous posts we had estimated a mid-point of Parikshits's reign at 951 +- 214 B.C.E. From Parikshita to Pratipa we have 6 royal generations (17.71 +- 6.23) or 106 +- 37 years. 

Thus we can bracket Pratipa Kaurava in 1057 +-251 B.C.E.

Thus we have the following brackets:
a. Pratipa Kaurava 1057 +- 251 B.C.E
b. Parikshita ~ 951+-214 B.C.E B.C.E


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