Devi Shaktidayini

I can hear the silence, as it hammers my ear.
My senses, I have withdrawn into my Self.
Neither passion, nor dispassion, neither happiness, nor fear,
only You I can feel, O Mystic ! O Seer!

The gentle white snow with bluish tinges are no match,
for the radiant Himalayan tiger, the Orange one, the Fire,
as she marches towards me,
and makes my heart beat that much faster.

O You Great Devi, in red, with your fierce eyes,
Disheveled hair, and menacing gait,
you move towards me, O Great One!
Merciful to the good, and slayer of the Evil,
Your eyes look through my Self.

Neither heat, nor cold, nor the uneven ice,
matter to me, O Fierce Mother !
Only you, only you are my destination, O Moving One !
Come here ! O Great Devi ! O Brilliant Fire!
Carry on your march in the Self of my Self.
My heart is now your abode.


I close my eyes. 
I imagine myself sitting in padmasana (lotus posture) on the snow in some remote Himalayan mountain.
I meditate on Her, the Supreme Mother.
There is Silence all around.
And then I sense a vibration, a pulsating rhythm. 
It grows louder. 
The vibrations become stronger.
I open my eyes, and see a bright flaming reddish-yellow speck far away.
The speck, I realize is not a speck, it is The Mother.
Riding on her Tiger, she is descending to give us Shakti.


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  1. Powerful lines....and even more powerful are the emotions invoked here.....

  2. Well written. Great imagination.


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