It's cool - as long as it's not Hindu

Its cool as long as it is not Hindu

F1 race. Metallica. Big Boss. McDonalds. Holidaying in Spain. Taj Mahal. What else does the modern Indian need?

Apparently nothing else.

And thus we have Bollywood Hindi, which is essentially Indian Urdu more Persianized/ Arabicized than Pakistani Urdu. We have townships and F1 track named after Gautum Buddha. We have a revival scheme of Nalanda University.

It's cool. As long as it's not Hindu.

Thus terms like mohabbat, sarfarosh, shayiri are cool - terms like prem, kavita very "uncool". Bollywood names have moved from Vijay to Raj to Kabir/ Imraan.

Gautum Buddha has suddenly become cool in the last 20 years as apparently the ancestors of all Dalits in India were Buddhists in earlier days before the "tyrant" Brahmins forcibly converted them to Hindus and made them Scheduled Castes. Plus he is cool because he is anti-Hindu and had historically protested against my ancestors the Brahmins and hence he is now the icon of current day Dalit leaders.

Ajmer Sharif is cool but Somnath Temple so very uncool.

In the mean-time, Manipuri Vishnupriya becomes extinct as Christian Missionaries increase their grip in north-east India. 

But that's cool.


  1. Kosher Bollywood and Crypto Jews( Khans, Kapoors, Johar, Chitpavans)
    work in tandem to ridicule mock Sanatana Dharma ........

    Of late Baaliwood facing a stiff competition from South and in a few years time

    South Flicks will be a lot more in demand, one of the major reasons will be

    beta male feminine bolly stars will be gradually rejected, who are busy promoting

    fairness creams, deodrants and waxing cream............


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