Book Review: The Quest for the Origins of Vedic Culture

Author: Edwin Bryant (2004)

This is an excellent work of immense scholarly value, perhaps the only of its kind in the Vedic Aryan migration-indigenous debate/space.

The author conducts an unbiased scholarly study of both sides of the debate - Aryan migration versus indigenous Aryan. Edwin Bryant systematically explores all possible aspects, theories, evidences used by both the camps and examines their pros and cons, without taking any sides.

Areas covered include linguistic evidences, archeological evidences and archaeo-astronomical evidences.

It becomes quite apparent that none of the two sides have conclusive evidence in favor of their hypotheses - while Indo-Aryan migration is based primarily (solely) on linguistics, the indigenous camp completely ignores linguistic evidences, and relies more on archeology, archaeo-astronomy and historical geology.

This book is a must read for those interested in the antiquity of the proto-Vedic people and how they might have ended up becoming the Vedic people.