Mahamaopadhyay Haraprasad Shastri

mahAmahopAdhyAya haraprasAda shAstrI (Bengali: হরপ্রসাদ শাস্ত্রী) (6 December 1853 – 17 November 1931), (haraprasAda bhaTTAchAry)a, was an Indian academic, Sanskrit scholar, archivist and historian of Bengali He is most known for discovering the Charyapada, the earliest known examples of Bengali (wikipedia/ banglapedia).

1. He became a professor at the Sanskrit College in 1883. At the same time, he worked as an Assistant Translator with the Bengal government.
2. Between 1886 and 1894, besides teaching at the Sanskrit College, he was the Librarian of the Bengal Library. 3. In 1895 he headed the Sanskrit department at Presidency College
4. He became Principal of Sanskrit College in 1900, leaving in 1908 to join the government's Bureau of Information.
5. Also, from 1921–1924, he was Professor and Head of the Department of Bengali and Sanskrit at Dhaka University
6. Held different positions within the Asiatic Society, and was its President for two years.
7. He was also President of Vangiya Sahitya Parishad for twelve years and was an honorary member of the Royal Asiatic Society in London

He was a Sanskrit and Bengali scholar par excellence and his contribution to the field of archival of manuscripts remains unmatched even today. Unfortunately, people of his caliber and Brahmanical scholarly disposition are no more to be found today.

Some of his works are listed below:

Descriptive Catalogue Of Sanskrit Manuscripts In The Government Collection
1. Descriptive Catalogue - Sanskrit Manuscripts (Govt.) vol.2.1923. 1268 pgs.
2. Descriptive Catalogue Of Sanskrit Manuscripts In The Government Collection vol. 3., .1925.1150 pgs.
3. Descriptive Catalogue - Sanskrit Manuscripts (Govt.) vol.4., 1923. 150 pgs.
4. Descriptive Catalogue - Sanskrit Manuscripts (Govt.) vol.5. 1928. 1134 pgs.
5. Descriptive Catalogue - Sanskrit Manuscripts vol. 6., 1931.882 pgs.
6. Descriptive Catalogue - Sanskrit Manuscripts vol. 7., 1934.680 pgs.
7. Descriptive Catalogue - Sanskrit Manuscripts (RASB) vol. 8., 0.  960 pgs.
8. Descriptive Catalogue - Vernacular Manuscripts vol.9., 1941.  458 pgs.
9. Descriptive Catalogue - Sanskrit Manuscripts (RASB) vol.10, pt.1., 1945.  632 pgs.
10. Descriptive Catalogue - Sanskrit Manuscripts vol.11., 1958. english.1051 pgs.

Notices of Sanskrit Manuscripts
1. Notices Of Sanskrit Mss. vol. 1., 1900. sanskrit. 478 pgs.
2. Notices Of Sanskrit Manuscripts vol.2., 1904.  268 pgs.
3. Notices Of Sanskrit Mss. vol. 3., 1907. sanskrit. 306 pgs.
4. Notices Of Sanskrit Manuscripts vol.4., 1911.  322 pgs.
5. Notices Of Sanskrit Mss. vol.10., 1892. sanskrit. 434 pgs.
6. Notices Of Sanskrit Mss. vol.11., 1895. sanskrit. 304 pgs.

Catalogue of Pal-Leaf and Selected Paper
1. A Catalogue Of Palm-Leaf And Selected Paper vol.1., 1905. english. 446 pgs.
2. A Catalogue Of Palm-Leaf And Selected Paper vol.2., 1915. english. 342 pgs.

Other Works
1. Balmikir Joy., 1886. bengali. 114 pgs.
2. Bauddhagan O Doha., 1916. bengali. 382 pgs.
3. Prachin Banglar Gourab., 1946. bengali.
4. Six Buddhist Nyaya Tracts., 1910. sanskrit. 136 pgs.
5. Hajar Bacharer Purano Bangala Bhashay Bouddhagan O Doha., 1916. bengali. 386 pgs.
6. Kanchanmala Ed. 2., 1917. bengali. 158 pgs.
7. Bharat Mahila Ed. 2nd.,1882. bengali. 94 pgs.
8. Magadhan Literature. 1923. 142 pgs
9. Discovery Of Living Buddhism In Bengal. 1897. 42 pgs.
10. Brihad - Dharma - Puranam .1888. 596 pgs.


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