Some Thoughts on Maharashtrian Sanskrit Scholarship of the late 20th century

The late 20th century (1870 and onwards) was a time of immense Sanskrit scholarship in Maharashtra when some of the most important works in Sanskrit learning (in English) were published. Three names immediately come to my mind.
b. Vaman Shivaram Apte
c. Moreshvara Ramchandra Kale

These three Brahmin gentlemen were scholars of the highest order when it came to Sanskrit learning and knowledge dissemination.

R.G. Bhandarkar is the author of two of the most popular introductory books to Sanskrit:
a. First Book of Sanskrit
b. Second Book of Sanskrit

V.S Apte came into the picture for the more advanced students. His book on Sanskrit Grammar and composition, along with Sanskrit-English dictionaries are still considered very important books in intermediate to advanced Sanskrit learning.

For the advanced students, can there be a finer book than M.R. Kales "A Higher Sanskrit Grammar"?

These three stalwarts revolutionized the very way in which Sanskrit was taught and learnt by the new breed of English educated students of the late 20th century.


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