The Mr Chatterjee in Sherlock with a wife in Islamabad

It is highly unlikely, in fact, impossible, that Mr Chatterjee could have had a wife in Islamabad (in Pakistan) of all places. (Its like saying that an Israeli Jew has a second wife in Islamic Saudi). It would still have been credible if Mr Chatterjee had had a wife in Dhaka [in Bangladesh] (as there are perhaps still a handful of Hindus left in Bangladesh after 60 years of religious persecution).

The main difference between India and Pakistan/Bangladesh is religion. India is a democratic secular republic with a majority Hindu population (around 75%). Pakistan and Bangladesh are (fundamentalist) Islamic states with more than 95% Muslim populations [carved out of India because Muslims demanded a separate land] and these nations regularly produce or give refuge to notorious terror-mongers.

Chatterjee (similar to Mukherjee, Banerjee, Ganguly) is an Indian Bengali Hindu surname of the priestly class (a Brahmin) and not a Muslim name - in fact it was because of the strong resistance put by Hindu priests like Chatterjee's against Islamic warmongers that India is still India, and not an extension of  Saudi Arabia. And a majority of these Chatterjees reside in the state of West Bengal in India. More importantly Hindus can legally have one wife, whereas Muslims can have upto four. So the ridiculous notion of Mr Chatterjee with a wife in Islamabad falls flat on its face.

To give a little background, around 800 years ago all Bengalis were Hindu's, Buddhists and Jains - and lived in what is today the state of West Bengal (in India) and the Islamic Bangladesh - nobody was compelled to shave off their mustache and keep scraggly beards. After 800 years of Muslim rule, today 70% of Bengalis are Muslims - a majority of whom reside in Islamic Bangladesh. A significant minority (33% of West Bengal) are also Muslims - and most Bengali's residing in UK are Bangladeshi Muslims.

So all said and done, Islamabad is the unlikeliest of places for the Hindu priest Mr Chatterjee to have a wife and that too his second wife. Even if he did somehow manage to marry a Muslim Pakistani girl, chances are that he would have had to convert (lose the top-skin) and adopt a name like Jameel or Saleem or Ahmed etc etc. His name could no longer continue to be Chaterjee

The best thing for the creators of Sherlock, if their intention had been to make fun of the short brown polygamous sub-continent folks, would have been to:
a. make Mr Chatterjee have a wife in Calcutta or anywhere in India for that matter, but not in Pakistan/ Bangladesh
b. Or, re-christen Mr Chatterjee as Abedin, Haq, Hussain, Rahman or any Muslim name, and then place his second wife anywhere on the sub-continent (or the world) be it Islamabad in Pakistan, Kolkata in India, Dhaka in Bangladesh or in Denmark.

Mr Chatterjee with a wife in Islamabad - this sort of thing cannot happen in any world, including Sherlock's.


  1. poor mr. chatterjee doesnt even have a choice when it comes to choosing his wife...neither does his wife when it comes to where she wants to live...

    1. If Chatterjees and other hindus (esp Brahmins) were really allowed to co-exist peacefully in Islamic Pakistan and Islamic Bangladesh, then the Hindu population:
      a. in Pakistan wouldn't have come down from 15% in 1950's to 1% in 2010
      b. in Bangladesh wouldn't have come down from 30% in 1950s to 5% in 2010

      Here is a video where a Pakistani politician promises on national TV to kill all Hindu Brahmins -

      List of Hindu temples destroyed historically and converted:

      wikipedia articles:

      And that is why it is impossible for Mr Chatterjee to have a second wife in Islamabad of all places ... :)

      The Chatterjee in Islamabad was a big goof-up by the makers for Sherlock.


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