Dystopia - 2

Dystopia - 2

 At the end of it all we emerged victorious, but at what cost, one may ask.
Is it worthwhile being sanctimonious, or should one focus on the in-hand task?
You know the end is near when donkeys start using loudspeakers to bray,
The waft of sand and grime is pretty obvious, the brainwashing quite effective I'd say.

The overflowing sewers are but a soothing balm to the endangered soul, or species if you will,
the Inexplicable rage, the idiotic passion, the brainless faith and the mad urge to stop and still
all that moves is indeed a symptom of great delusion; but morality being a commodity in dearth,
should the wise one bow and accept humiliating defeat or rise above the mundane canvass called earth?


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