Burkha of Secularism Vs Naked Communalism

Burkha of Secularism Vs Naked Communalism
Burkha of Secularism Vs Naked Communalism"Burkha of secularism" is a phrase with a delightful and very evocative imagery (not to be confused with journalist Barkha Dutt). Shri Narendra Modi has been able to explain very succinctly what goes around as Congress version of secularism (anti-Hinduism and Muslim appeasement).

The "Naked Communalism" comment on the other hand is a dud, a massive flop show, a damp squib and a typical Congress sound-bite - devoid of either merit or sense and reminiscent of the verbal assault inflicted on Confederation of Indian Industry leaders in recent times by the future leader of their dynasty party and potential future prime minister of India.

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