Why should Shri Narendra Modi apologize?

Why should Shri Narendra Modi apologize?A certain section of the media which likes to hide behind a "burqa of secularism" has been clamouring for Narendra Modi's apology for the minority-Hindu Godhra riots - at the very least they have been demanding some "remorse" for the death of 790 minorities

My question, similar to many would be, why should Shri Narendra Modi apologize?

1. If Shri Modi apologizes, he should do it for the loss of life of people in his state, not for the loss of life of a particular community.
2. Shri Modi should apologize only if some leader of the religion of the desert apologizes for the terror, slaughter of millions of Hindus, pillage and havoc unleashed by terrorists of their faith like:
  --- Babur -  the poet who loved stacking the heads of Hindu soldiers beheaded in war
  --- Mahmud Ghazni - whose free time was spent in beheading Hindus especially Brahmins and destroying Hindu temples
 ---- Aurangzeb - a tyrant religious despot, 
and other like Mohammed Ghori, Bakhtiyar Khilji and numerous others who all spread their faith by the sword.

If someone from their community apologizes for the 1000 years of their despotic rule, Shri Narendra Modi should apologize and show remorse. Not before that.

1. His involvement or complicity in the riots is yet to be proved - he has been repeatedly cleared by all investigating agencies

2. Both Hindus and minorities died in the riots - 25% of those killed were Hindus, rest were adherents of religion of peace

3. And the entire horrific and unfortunate set of events started when members of minority community burnt a train carrying Hindu pilgrims causing the death of 58 people including children, resulting in retaliation by Hindus

4. Babur's poem on killing Hindus

    For the sake of Islam I became a wanderer;
    I battled infidels and Hindus.
    I determined to become a martyr.
    Thank God I became a Ghazi (killer of non-Muslims)