3 Disturbing Facts about Indian Sub-continent

Disturbing Facts about Indian sub-continent

 I have been doing some research on religion based statistics in the Indian sub-continent (period referenced: last 120 years) as well as present day India, and came up with some surprising, not-so surprising and disturbing conclusions. I present below 3 disturbing facts Indian sub-continent.

Disturbing facts about Indian sub-continent 1: Hinduism is on a decline

In absolute terms Hindus may appear to be increasing, but in terms of percentage of total population we are losing ground. Possible reasons are higher growth rate among Muslims and conversion to Christianity.

Disturbing Facts about Indian Sub-continent 1

Hindus were 80% of total population in 1890's and today they are around 60%. Please note that this data takes into account population demographics from Islamic Pakistan and Islamic Bangladesh, apart from democratic India. If we consider only India related data, the situation is not that different.

Disturbing Facts about Indian Sub-continent - Declining Hindu Population

Hindus were 90% of population in 1890 and today they are around 78%.

Disturbing facts about Indian sub-continent 2: Islam is gaining ground

 - In 1890, Muslims made up 15% of Indian sub-continent, today they account for 33% or one-third of all people in this region (Islamic Pakistan, Islamic Bangladesh and democratic India)

- In 1890, Muslims accounted for 60% of Pakistani and 50% of Bangladeshi portion of Indian sub-continent. Today, the share has increased to 97% and 90% of population in those Islamic countries.

Disturbing facts about Indian sub-continent 3: There has always existed one more Pakistan (or Bangladesh if you will) within India

This is the most disturbing fact about Indian sub-continent. If we were to add up the Muslim populations of democratic India, Islamic Pakistan and Islamic Bangladesh, and see their distributions across the 3 countries, we would observe that the spread is almost equal. In other words 33% each of Muslims live in these three nations. And this has not changed much in the last 120 years.

Disturbing Facts about Indian Sub-continent - Pakistan Within India

In other words, an entire Pakistan (or Bangladesh) exists within India. Now that is disturbing.

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That's it. Thank you for reading. Do let me know if know of any more disturbing facts about Indian sub-continent.

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