Eye-popping Timeline of Indian History

Eye-popping Timeline of Indian History

I have always wanted to create a timeline of Indian history. If for nobody else, at least for myself.

I was watching a news item of Islamist Kashmiri flood victims pelting stones at their saviors, mostly Hindu-Sikh army Jawans. Pelting stones is nothing new for the Islamist Kashmiris - they have been doing this for some-time now, apart from the usual militancy and azadi bit. But I digress.

This got me thinking.

Why do some people always fight?
Why do some people shave their heads and spread peace?
Why do some shave their moustaches and retain scraggly beards and consider it prime fashion?
Why do some people fold their hands together while others raise their butts to the sky?

I did some research and came up some answers, not all. I present below a timeline of Indian history.

The diagram should be self-explanatory. Drop me an email if you have any questions.

 ---- END ----

That's it. Thank you for reading. Do let me know if you enjoyed my eye-popping timeline of Indian history.

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